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Friday, November 07, 2003

Sometimes you don't miss something until you come across it again. Malthouse had live jazz tonight, and it was pretty nice. While it is not really a smokey basement club in New York's Village, it was a pleasant evening and the "Kind of Blue" jazz ensamble played some nice music. Food was our usual Pacific pizza and we tried for the first time a chicken bacon salad which was nice too.

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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Today's weather was a bit cooler which was nice. I went to see the first showing of Matrix Revolutions, which I found a bit dissapointing, while offering some nice eye candy ... and I felt it could have been so much better. Ah well.

I then had lunch at Fong Lee with Ritsu and the I ran some errands.

For dinner I tried to recreate one of my favourite McDonalds burgers, the McRib. Its basically a pork burger with BBQ sauce, which I made from scratch ... turned out ok .. some junkfood you just can't copy. The baked potato I had to go with it was also not that great .. baked them for an hour, and they still were hard.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Today started with rain, and then I let Ritsu's french toast burn ... not the best start ...

Our cleaning lady came on time this time, at 11 some craftsmen came to install our new gate, which took them all day, interestingly enough one of their first things to do was preparing some kava for them to drink while work. Which reminded me how it was very normal in Germany when I was a kid, that people in physical jobs, like construction workers, would very naturally drink beer during work, I even recall my mom telling me "bring these nice men some beer" ... then again, that was 30 years ago ...

Next adventure was bringing our cat Nietzsche to the vet. Both cats hate the trip, but he was so scared this time that he made a mess .. great ... but the vet-lady was very cool about it ("happens all the time") and he got some more shots and he seems to be ok ... he now likes to sleep in my office when I am in here.

I am about to do dinner and I will also try to make homemade ketchup (which then again later i need to make homemade BBQ sauce) .. Kitchen, here I come !!!

several hours later

well .. scratch that ketchup idea ... after using a kilo of tomatoes and 2 hours time, all i got was a small glass of not very flavorful tomatojuice ... now I know why the stuff is so readily available canned.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

And here we have Tuesday night's sunset:

Ritsu took me out to the Holiday Inn hotel bar, which is very nicely located at the waterfront, so we could sip a beer, enjoy the sunset and Ritsu told me all about her day at work. After that we went to Daikoku, where we asked to move tables, as we were initially too close to a big table full of loud and happy Fijians. Glad they were so happy, but way too loud. We had wasabi steak and ginger pork and it was tasty as usual.

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Sunday, November 02, 2003

I put up a movieclip from the weekend trip on the movie blog, enjoy, I promise naked pigs!!!

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