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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Haven't talked about food in a while, though we had some nice yummy things the last couple of evenings ... first of all lots of salad with everything ... so we had chicken satay skewers and the salad had shredded green papaya in it and a lime/peanut dressing .. next evening a classic salade nicoise with grilled tuna ... and then I was playing with filo dough and created some chicken/mushroom/cheese wrap, while the salad had pieces of pear and a slight bluecheese dressing ...

This morning for breakfast I made French Toast .. and finally found out that there is actually a german version (which I had never heard of before) and it is called "Arme Ritter" ['poor knight'] ... who comes up with those names ... but then again there is a south german desert which losely translates as "nun farts" ... looks nice .. ok .. getting hungry here

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Friday, October 24, 2003

Last night we actually sat down to watch some rugby since Fiji was playing against Japan ... I can't say I understand the game .. nor was it really fun to watch .. they are just running around ... chasing that egg .. kicking it around ... i may be losing some gene to appreciate watching sport ..

In other newsm, happy diwali everyone ... which brings me to another thing ... it has been exactly a year since we arrived in Fiji .. wow .. one year ... and 2 more to go ...

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

There are 3 new movie clips over at the nacken movie blog ... from the recent AU trip ... great stuff for boring intervals at the office :)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I told you about that really freaky rain on monday ... well .. here are some pics .. first, this is the roundabout at MH Premium, in Flagstaff (opposite of Great Wok of China) and as you can see, some of the cars are trying their water ski abilities ... this is middle of the day ... not dusk.

And next is a comparison shot what our drain looks like with and without rain.

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And after a lot of rain we get nice sunsets like this one

I went today to see "Kill Bill" again, I was very surprised that it was already here in Fiji (actually same day as AU) .. and 4FJ$ = 3USD admission is hard to beat ... still a fantastic movie .. what shocked me this time was some stupid mother taking her 5 year old daughter to THIS movie .. what is she thinking ??? I can understand they bring toodlers that do not get whats going on on the screen .. but at 5 .. you know ... and that little girl reacted quite some .. mainly with laughter .. especially when someone got the head chopped of ...

Again I was wondering about the fijian audience and how much they laugh .. about ... well . hmm .. nothing ??? like when the titles ran .. i could not figure out if they actually found the lyrics of the Nancy Sinatra song funny or the japanese names in the titles .. they were laughing their asses off ...

For dinner we went once again to the malt house ... no pizza this time, Ritsu went for the paka paka and I had the Burger ..which is chicken only . why don't they have a beef burger on the menu ???

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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Hello and welcome back. We returned last night from our trip to Brisbane and we had a fantastic time. Now back in Suva, things are the same, well, not all, after having had a bit of a dry spell for some weeks, it is now raining like crazy. One of the cats (Nietzsche) is MIA and has not been seen since last thursday .. so .. that is interesting ... other than that, back to normal ...

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