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Friday, September 05, 2003


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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Itsy Bitsy Spider ...

there is always something new in the Zoo that is the house of Nacken in Fiji ... now it seems we have 2 resident spiders. I spotted the first a while ago, because her net in the bushes just off the veranda was an architectual marvel .. not the plane spider version we all know for a web, but more of a 3 dimensional 'insect processing plant'. To bigger surprise, only 2 days later, we found a new, bigger web, even more impressive, and a bigger spider in it ... i'd say it could be 5 cm / 2 inches from front toe to back toe ... it is slighty red-ish with white spekles .. and has the 4 hind legs spread out, while the 4 front are paired up on each side ... very intriguing. I took some shots and some video .. but I am waiting for the sun to come around to create better light. I'd love to find out more about the species ... but googling for "spiders in Fiji" did not turn up much .. but there was this one fun article, which I am still reading.

Seems this is her. Though ours is not that good in doing that cross thing. Thanks to SPM and Jon for helping finding a good link. Here is another one on the St. Andrews Cross Spider. Good news, non poisonous, no threat to humans or cats. But maybe we can get it to kill the rooster?

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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Anyone else's cat sleeps like that?

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What a slacker I am. Anyways .. weather back to the humid side with 71% and also getting hotter .... but it has not rained in a while.

The cat situation is fun ... the new stray cat shows up daily now .. and when I sat him next to Misha on the sofa, Misha had nothing better to do then whack at him full force, several times ... In return we saw later how Nietzsche stalked Misha and tried to pounce on her. Looked very much like he wanted to mate ... well, seems he has not gotten the news yet.

I want to write up later what monday dinner was, or rather how to make it. Seems I am following my german roots a lot these days when it comes to digging up recipes I have not done in a while .. or in this case never .. well .. it used to be available in the freezer section, so why make it ... :) Huehner Frikassee ! (Chicken-torn-to-pieces) ... no idea if there is an english name ... This time I even cooked a whole chicken and made the broth from scratch .. fun .. and turned out pretty yummy.

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Sunday, August 31, 2003

And I thought 56% humidity was low ... but Sunday we recorded with 46% an all time low .. i feel like I need hand lotion and my chapstick ... Sunday was a gorgous day with sun, warm / dry air and no rain ...

over the weekend we got to watch 2 movies ... #1 being Shallow Hal, a fairly decent love story / comedy ... it had great elements .. but too often I wondered "why" and i think they just gave too much away in the trailers ... the "revelations" later came across very "DUH" .. or as Hal would say "coockoo, coockoo" .. Jack Black, who I like a lot, was not even that funny in this movie .. and G. Paltrow (get a name I can spell) was not as pretty as in like "Shakespeare in Love" .. but then again, she showed her boobies in the latter one :) Wonder if that helped the oscar ratings ..

anyhoo.. the second movie was Lilo and Stitch, maybe the best non-CGI, non-japanese animated movie in years .. and hard to believe it came from Disney ... it is weird, sarcastic, relativaly violent (though it does not look that way, no blood, no gore) .. sub plot way over the top for little tykes .. no sudden song and dance numbers .. no cute-sy animal side kicks .. but a beautiful 'moral of the story' and Stitch is just "cute and fluffy"

Foodwise: Saturday night, lots of great things at "great wok of china", prawn, pork, veggies and the crispy skin fish dish special .. and it was great again ... we have not been there in a while .. and I am not really sure why .. Fong Lee is better? But a very different style ... but it was nice that we were still recognized and that the shark fin soup was still great.

Sunday I made 2 different kinds of garlic bread and pasta with alfredo sauce.

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