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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Now, the cats are getting really cute ... we decided to have Nietzsche sleep inside as well, at least for a bit, and first he did his usual loud meowing ... but when he got silent, I was very curious where he might have found a sleeping place that he likes .. and I found him on the sofa with Misha. She seemed to not be bothered at all ... and they looked very nice together.

And a little update on the weather: I think 56% humidity is the lowest I have ever seen here .. and together with 21.8C / 71.2F it feels cold, I am wearing an extra t-shirt under the PJ and socks. Well, this is winter, soon enough we will be sweating again.

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Good News on the cat side: After we released Nietzsche, the recent stray cat addition, outside of thursday, we had no idea where he was for 48 hours ... he may have been traumatized by the whole experience .... But we were very happy to see him again tonight. He was his old, shy self, but when he saw food, he came closer, I could touch him again, and grabbed him to check him out inside. He objected only a little, was happy about the amount of food we gave him. His fur seems much better now, but he also had a new scar/wound on one cheek, we are still wondering how that happened.

We let him out again, but he enjoyed being on my lap for quite a while, so he did not jump and run while he actually had a chance. We saw then later both cats hanging out together, Nietze pretty much following Misha around, and Misha just ignoring him. Very cute.

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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Little know facts about Fiji: Went to the butcher today, casually talked with him, and asked if he ever has any veal. And he first said something like "not often" and then "veal is banned in Fiji, they think killing little cows is cruel" ... hmm .. i did not know that ... I found it interesting though that he had that face like "bring your own, we cut it for you" or "if you want, I can arrange" kinda look ... well, sorry, no authentic Wiener Schnitzel here.

I have something else in mind anyway for dinner tonight!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Last night's dinner was poached Bedford with drunken shrimp/dill sauce and wild rice.

Since you need to start with the sauce, this comes first ... take a good handfull of frozen mini / salad shrimp and drown them in white wine for some hours, they will soak up the flavour (or just drink it) ... make a roux in a pot buy melting 2 spoons of butter and adding 2 spoons on flour ... cool it a bit and add cream, the intoxicated shrimp with the wine/brine and some instant chicken broth for flavour ... then a handfull of fresh dill, some fresh pepper ... I even put a bit of ground parmesan in there, and a squeeze of tomato paste to get a very pale pinkish color. Season to taste.

Poaching fish is a tricky business ... first of all you need a pretty firm fish, or you end up with a mousse ... so .. Bedford (some kind of Snapper i think) was a good idea .. .. in a large pan bring enough water to boil while adding some vinegar, sliced onions, parsley, peppercorns and salt (making a broth here) and once it boils, back with the heat and gently add the fish ... turn as little as possible (but DO turn at least once) and it should be done in like 5 minutes ... if it bubbles, it is too hot (and the movement of the water may tear the fish appart) ... serve with wild rice (which usually is a mix on 98% white and 2% black rice) and some veggie (we had broccoli) and top the fish with the sauce ... bon appetite

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So i got the new cat 'Nietzsche' to the vet today. Turned out he was indeed male, as we thought all the time ... they fixed him (bye bye sexlife) and bathed him and gave him all kinds of shots ... when I came to pick him up at 4:30, he was actually more awake than Misha when we got her after surgery. I brought him home, into his new nice and clean room ... left the door open for him to stroll around (which he can amazingly silently) and what is his "thank you for taking my manlyness"??? He finds the least accessible place and pees! Right behind the TV, tons of cables around, he could have easily electrocute himself ... and take some expensive equipment with him ..

Well, I caught him redhanded, but not sure if it was the drugs or some little known cat mechanism .. he just could not stop peeing .. so .. well .. i kept holding him and try to create only one puddle in an easy to clean area ... oh, the fun of having really crazy cats!

He was looking for a way out very quickly .. i wonder if he will ever get used to us / being close to us ...

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Monday, August 25, 2003

We went last night to see if we can catch a look at Mars ... but it was pretty cloudy and the people at USP who set up a telescope seemed to wanna hog it for themselves ... well .. thanks to the internet we can watch it right here :) Thanks to Jon for the link.

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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Why not share the real time experience? Since the pic is up online anyway .. Nietzsche is copying Misha's behaviour and is now sleeping on one of the dinner chairs .. and Misha keeps being close by ... so things are going well

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Taming a new feral cat is just so interesting .... and you just never know how high they can jump

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