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Friday, July 25, 2003

Finally perfect weather! That does not happen too often here. It is a sunshiny day with 24C/76F and 66% humidity, which is one of the lowest I have seen here in a while.

Other than that, I keep being busy creating some websites and try to keep the house in order (which with all my cooking can be tricky sometimes)

Oh, I just noticed that the comment feature is back ... see that little link below each post saying "comment", yes, you can use it to add your 2 cents to my ramblings.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

So .. I had this idea to make cheesecake ... hopped online for a recipe and found this .. too bad I cannot do my mom's recipe as I cannot get quark here (That is some european white cheesy/ creamy stuff)

Anyways .. I totally misread the recipe .. I thought it was 4 eggs (right) and a 8 oz. pack of cream cheese (wrong) .. it is more like 4 packs of 8 oz ... well. At least this is what Philadelphia, as the main producer of cream cheese, wants us to believe!!!

I was surprised as to how liquid the mix was, at that moment I realized I did something wrong...but it turned out surprisingly nice .. not super cheesy in flavor .. but very yummy ..

So, learning from that experience, I would now not ever try a 4 pack to 4 egg mix .. more like 2 to 4 ... we will see very soon. Have to try again...

Oh, the crust I used was a pre-made graham cracker crust which I was very happy to have found here at Cost-U-Less. Now if I could only find fresh raspberries !!!

sorry .. weather still the same .. and not much else going on ..

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

what can I say .. more rain .. 21C/71F @ 82% weather .. and not much to report ..

to all those anonymous millionaires out there who keep reading my website .. curious what to get me as a birthday present (which will be on 8/17)

Here some cool ideas (besides a nice japanese cellphone with camera, which will not work here anyway)

  • a spanking new Sony Clie, though it only runs a windows OS and I have never been a big fan of handhelds .. but you never know .. maybe it can run movies ... speaking of which:
  • Now THIS little thing would be swell .. but seems it will not be ready for birthday, rather for xmas ..
  • But now THIS firewire hub in shape of a godzilla is surely a must have !!! yeah !!!

well .. unless there is not a new bigger iPod around the corner ... or some cool 10" G4 powerbook .. or .. ah well .. just some rambling on a rainy day :)

I just love tech toys :)

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Monday, July 21, 2003

Rain, rain, rain .. and some more rain ... 21C / 70F at 75% humidity ... cozy weather ... not much to report ... was working on a favorite salad of mine, vietnamese beef on green papaya ... the green papaya we have in the garden, and I got the peanut, lime, fish sauce dressing about right ... but the marinade recipe for the beef (which I got from some website made the beef way too salty ... I wonder if I can salvage that ... the salad itself was great ... when in Manhattan make sure to order that one at Saigon Grill (upper east side)

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Winter weather here is interesting ... it stayed mainly 22C at 83% humidity, which delivers a very new experience of "cold" .. think "cold sweat" and you get the idea .. you sweat while freezing ... It also rained a lot today .. very cozy, exactly what everybody associates with the Fiji Islands ..

I finished reading "The man in the high castle" by Phillip K Dick .. and I am still very puzzled .. I know that Dick's sci-fi is not the easy-digest kind and I really like the premise of the book ... and the book within a book story ... but it gets too weird at times ... I have read quite a couple of interesting interpretations .. if you really want to stretch it, yes, you can always find a way ... for me it is mainly a very intriguing set up with little or no payback ... I hear that they plan a movie version of this book... if so .. i can imagine 2 scenarios ... Brucknheimer / Bay just use the backdrop idea and do an action flick with lots of 'Splosions ... or M.Night Shyalaman does it !!! :)

Just some totally non Fiji rambling

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