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Saturday, May 31, 2003

I got complaints that there is not enough nudity on this blog (according to all the searches I see "naked fiji girls" or "nacken fiji girls") .... ok, I hear ya !

This is a popular postcard here :) Its old 1800 pictures of native fijians (and no, this is not my cleaning lady and the fijian 3 stooges) ...

Weekend is nice so far, weather is getting "cold" (which here means 75F / 23C) and was pretty windy ... but pleasent .. you can actually move without sweating ...

Last night we were invited to Wade & Ardali's place for an early / informal get toghether with some drinks and food (home made sushi ! Yes ! ) And it was quite fun ... we really liked their house, all in wood.

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Friday, May 30, 2003

I haven't ranted about the weather in a long time ... mainly because it has been pretty gorgous the last 3 - 4 days .. no rain, blue skies ... humidity down from 87% to 73% ... but of course NOW that I am writing this (3 AM) it is raining like CRAZY !!!

Anyways, I was able to take some nice shots from the office 'tower' that Ritsu works in

On a fairly unrelated note, we watched The Guru tonight .. and I really liked it quite some (I also hate that indian theme song that is just now totally stuck between my brain and my ears) ... Heather Graham is playing what she plays best .. a porn star :) (as she did in Boogie Nights ... this film tries to be a crossover between Hollywood and Bollywood movies .. and in my book it gets that down pretty well .. I have yet to see more indian / bollywood movies .. all I know about them so far is: there is no song that is not attached to a movie and vice versa: no movie without a song .. (the indian top 10 posted in the sunday paper always states what movie the songs are from ... ) .. the movies seem to follow a very similar pattern: drama, dance, some comedy, maybe some mystery and of course ROMANCE .. and some more song and dance .. usually just big groups of people doing the same arm shake and hand twist to match the rythm ... I wonder .. it seems there is NO special effects industry in India .. there are no Indian sci-fi movies as far as I know ... (hmm .. hey, some song and dance in space? why not?)

Need to go and watch some Indian movies here on big screen (with subtitles) ... and of course .. there are NO movies in fijian language ...

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Ok .. so .... the ISDN experience has been quite mixed so far .. when it is working, it is nice :) But then again, if you keep idling around, you get easily disconnected .. and last night I tried to reconnect .. and while I did not change anything, I got 4 different error messages (many many times over) ..

I then also found out that there is no such thing like a 24 hour hotline ... I fiddled around and went back to using only one 64 K channel .. and it eventually worked ... It still keeps happening that I can only reconnect after a bunch of trials ...

It also seems that I am their first Mac customer .. so people are all nice, but clueless ..

I am relunctant about reporting any food news on this blog anymore .. As I keep hearing that a) all photos of me involve drink and / or food b) all I am writing about is food c) loose weight !

But I have to mention last night's dinner over at Marly's and Edo's place ... they together with Atsushi, who is staying with them, created a great dinner ... starting out with real Caviar which Atsushi transportet all the way around half the globe, then some nice garlic prawns, bbqed chicken and beef .. and hey, they even made a salad based on green papayas .. and that just reminded me SO much of my favourite dish at Saigon Grill back in NY ... we had a great evening !!!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

I finally got ISDN which is considered "High Speed" here .... It only costs me and arm and a leg every month ... and I cannot eat for some time ... which is ok (in total, after 500USD start up cost, ISDN will be around 250 USD per month)... but at least I do not have any time restraints anymore ... only bandwidth ... 500 MB a month a pretty much a joke .. it boils down to 17MB a day .. and that is barely enough for email and basic surfing ... so no downloading software and such .. for that I should still go to an internet cafe ... every extra MB I exceed over 500 MB will be 40cents ... that makes a song around 2USD$ ... makes you really think twice ...

what happens with unused MB ??? Do they roll over ??? of course not ... and I have yet to find a way to actually be able to track my MB usage ...

Here a pic of the 3 telecom guys setting up the physical connection

well .. but all in all .. things are getting better and most people involved were very helpful and trying ...

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Monday, May 26, 2003

I totally forgot it is Memorial Day weekend in the US this weekend ... well .. hope you all have a great long weekend ..

some food ideas collected here over the Weekend:

    - I made a small batch of chili .. cooked it a bit more to make it less soupy .. and then spread it on flour tortillas, top it with cheese and bake it like a Pizza .. there is probably even a name out there for it ... bit it was not rolled .. so it is no Burito ..

    - Ritsu made a great japanese curry on sunday night, using chicken and a broth pre-mix we brought from NY ... it has a slight apple flavor and it more subtle than indian curry .. very nice ..

    - chicken soup with chicken and potatoes were this monday night's dinner ..

Darn, I think I am catching a cold ..

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