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Saturday, March 29, 2003

ok .. seems like just totally screwed up my last entry ... i will fix it tomorrow .. anyways ... that movie is ok .. not bad .. not that great either ... good rental ...

food: salmon sandwiches for lunch ... and now I am working on a chicken/apricot curry .. smells good so far

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So, today we went to the movies. We watched "28 days later, which is NOT a sequal to that #posted by Peter 11:03 PM

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Last nights Dinner was japanese at Daikoku again .. and it turned into an unplanned Toberua reunion party: first, when we came in, we saw our dive guide Rachel sitting there with a friend, and we said hi, and a bit later a japanese couple with their son, who we met there last time, came in and we chatted quite some

Today then was some shopping, cream of chicken soup for lunch, Ritsu had an appointment for having her hair cut, nappy time, chicken and pork yakitori for dinner ... and Misha, our cat, hunted down a snake ... I was very surprised when I saw her prey, as it was obviously a water based snake (broad tale, made for swimming) ...

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Thursday, March 27, 2003

And here for something quite unrelated: My good friend Chris sent me some pics of his wedding from last August ... and I thought after seeing me in bula shirt for all the time, this must be a welcome change

(and gosh, I still fit into my tux !) more pics of this event here (e.g. Ritsu in her great dress)...

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For people interested in the weather: it has been raining like crazy again all day, with a dash of blue sunshine after noon ...

For dinner we went to Kozue and Jonathan's .. their new housegirl cooked some chicken curry, which was nice, it was also Ethan's B'day .. and to watch the child interaction was just fun ... one kid gets new toys, the other one keeps whining "i want too, i want too" ... later the kids were glued to the screen watching "Spiderman" :)

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Let's talk movies .. shall we ?

First of all: the oscars ! First time in a long time that I had no means of watching it live on TV. It was "replayed" later on one of the 3 pay channels here, but I am not subscribed to them, so most of my info came from websites and news reports. Congrats to that Best Actor guy for taking advantage of the moment and smooching Halle Berry :) still want to see that, way to go. Congrats to Michael Moore for using his minute of speech to speak what really was on his mind (still have to watch "Bowling for Columbine", not out on DVD yet)

I am very happy with "Two Towers ... even though Richard Gere can't sing. I wish I could have seen Cathy Zeta Jones doing her musical number. Big Surprise that Eminem won best song ... I am still confused that "Gollum's Song" from Two Towers was not nominated (and I sure would have loved to see Andy Serkis, who played Gollum, on the nominee list for best supporting actor)

Big surprise about Roman Polanski winning .. I still need to do some reading what he really did to be still sought by the police in the US ... i mean, how young was the girl he was diddling with (13 !! yes, that IS sick!!!!) ? And I still have to watch "The Pianist", has not been out here ... and I stay away from watching a crappy VCD version.

Glad that "Gangs of New York" did not win too much ... SUPERGLAD that Miyazaki got the oscar for "Spirited away" .... all in all .. a satisfying oscar experience, even though I could not watch it.

And just for fun, the downside: I got to watch 2 really really awful movies in the last couple of days ... and I am still squirming:

a) The adventures of Pluto Nash: Unfunny, unexciting, makes you marvel about the waste of money ... and wow, another movie that uses a "clone" now for a big twist in the end ... the longer you watch it the more difficult it is to pinpoint what actually went wrong with it. There are NO laughs, some non-engaging action, some equally irrelevant SCI-Fi special effects, and a script that is just one big plothole. It is an utter waste of Pam Grier, John Cleese, Peter Boyle, Randy Quaid .. and heck, even Eddie Murphy used to be somewhat funny. Stay away from this movie, unless you are (like me) fascinated at how bad a movie can really be

b) Star Trek Nemisis: Ignorance !!! Ignorance what the fans really want to see, what actuall human beings want to see ... when the script leaked out, everybody who reviewed it pointed out the things that were bad .. but still, the movie was shot just like that ... it started playing bad for test audiences ... but when it bombed at the box office, the big excuse was "so much competition in the market" ... but that movie just IS bad .. besides Picard and Data, the rest of the crew is moving props, looking fairly old by now. The whole "naked wedding" joke is lame. Some action scenes are promising (car chase ending with a jeep hopping off a cliff into a shuttle, and a mini shuttle flying down the hallways inside a star ship) but badly executed ... I fear they actually go on and do #11

well .. if I had something to say, or at least to suggest: I would envision the ultimate Star Trek movie like that:

- Make it a fun crossover between all that has been on star trek so far: Next Generation, Original Series, Voyager, Deep Space 9, Enterprise

- Realize that the audience is grown up, get the tone and pacing from "From Dusk till Dawn": have them use the F word ... frequently, gratious violence and nudity, a lesbian love scene between Seven of 9please, kill of many many characters, many funny cameos, like Bruce "yippie kay yea" Willis, Bill Murray, Lucy Liu .. fun stuff like that ... throw in musical numbers (with dancing Borg) !!!

- Accept that the best Star Trek movie is "Galaxy Quest" :)

Maybe I should start writing the script.

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Monday, March 24, 2003

So, I finally uploaded some pics !!! please scroll down

and the cute cat story of the day: Misha obviously missed us a lot and was very excited when we returned. And today she gave us a "present" ... at some point we heard her meow, and she had, nicely presented on a towel, a gecko (small lizard) which she hunted down and wanted to give us ... while an icky thing, as far as I know it is a sign of love when cats bring you birds, mice, geese, bags full of 100$ bills and lay them all bloddy on your bed :)

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