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Saturday, February 08, 2003

Since I bet people get very soon very tired of picture revolving around a skinny stray cat, (but hey, she is still with us and it is getting better every day), here another story from the twilight zone

The nice thing about having a website is that you can implement all kind of tracking applications, and by far the most fun is the thingy dingy that tells me by using what search words people end up on this site ... mind you, it does not mean that they actually find what they are looking for, sometimes just a certain combination of words will lead them here .. one of the funniest was "Scott Bakula nude pics" (he is the guy playing Cpt. Archer on that retro enterprise / star trek show) .. of course there are no nude pics of him here :) but those 4 words showed up on one page together ... ah, they joy of the internet follies ...

Anyways .. last night I ran across the weirdest and biggest thing someone would ever put up and internet search engine and see for yourself (and follow the links if you like, to do so, click on the search engine name before the words)

Last 20 Searchengine QueriesUnique Visitors

  31 Jan, Fri, 23:15:19    Google:  niranjans  
  01 Feb, Sat, 00:04:07    Yahoo:  samoa thumbnails  
  01 Feb, Sat, 04:04:08    Google:  Suva Boulevard mall  
  01 Feb, Sat, 10:11:42    Yahoo:  fiji island girls  
  01 Feb, Sat, 18:50:21    Google:  rain suva  
  02 Feb, Sun, 12:01:48    Yahoo:  biggest and weirdest things women put up their ass pictures  
  02 Feb, Sun, 13:14:11    Google:  traps bar fiji  
  02 Feb, Sun, 17:41:52    Yahoo:  "fiji cooking"  
  02 Feb, Sun, 21:10:15    Yahoo:  Guiness Beer Pork Chinese Recipe  
  03 Feb, Mon, 05:34:18    Google:  nacken girls  
  03 Feb, Mon, 22:44:02    Google:  JEAN COSTEAU PHOTOS  
  04 Feb, Tue, 09:24:23    Yahoo:  cardos, nadi  
  05 Feb, Wed, 12:08:11    Yahoo:  Doener Meat Recipe  
  06 Feb, Thu, 07:51:20    Google:  UNIWORLD CARGO bad  
  06 Feb, Thu, 16:30:38    Google:  mcdonalds fiji  
  06 Feb, Thu, 16:42:32    Google:  doener;kebab recipes  
  07 Feb, Fri, 06:19:42    Google:  black women nacken  
  07 Feb, Fri, 14:46:24    Google:  doener kebab photo  
  07 Feb, Fri, 14:46:33    Yahoo:  traps bar fiji  
  08 Feb, Sat, 06:58:00    MSN Search:  short-skirted pretty ladies  

For the food group here ... breakfast were pancakes with a choice of honey, blueberry syrup or passion-fruit syrup. Lunch was New England Clam Chowder .. and dinner will most likely be chinese at "great wok of china"

ok .. and for those who need to see some pussy:

Finally some pics of Misha and me :)

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as to the cat ... it came back last night 2 more times .. and was here again this morning bright and early ... so .. we decided to get some cat food for her ... and biggest thing, Ritsu got her to wear a flea collar !!! And she did not object at all ... well .. seems we got stuck with a cute kitty cat :)

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Friday, February 07, 2003

Today (Friday) was a very exciting day! First of all: Ritsu coming back from her 2 week trip. I drove to Nausori airport in the morning and arrived just 20 minutes before the plane landed, and we were both very happy to see each other again and that her travel all safe and very interesting.

We drove back and at home she showed me the 252 pictures she had taken, some really great shots among that. I bet shortly you can read all about the trip and the Solomon Islands on Ritsu's travel journal (and watch some pics)

We then went to the city to our offices, but met for lunch at 1 PM at Ashiyana. I have mentioned before how much we like their dinner ... but I had no idea that there lunch specials were fantastic. For 7.50 F$ we got a chicken or lamb thali, which is a chicken or lamb curry with some veggier curry and some other spicy thing, close to a soup, and a chutney and rice ... very yummy, quite hot, but with a very nice flavor. A good place just got even better.

Back to the office and I went home around 4PM .. and while I was sitting inside reading some emails .. i suddenly noticed the cat again ... walking OUT OF the house !! ... she must have come in when I was not looking, and when she noticed that I had noticed her she walked out again ... so .. I did some tricks with food again and lured her inside again .. and she got more accustomed to me and the house .. and stayed even until Ritsu got back. And, well, it took a bit, but she got used to Ritsu (again, the food works magic) and we played with the cat a bit ... until we decided to leave for dinner and the cat (by now named "Misha") left with us ...

For dinner we went to Raffle's Tradewind in Lami. One reason for that was that we wanted to see the Aggressor live-aboard boat, which is docked there, but it turned out that they are not going out these weeks, as they say for overhaul, but I just guess they do not have enough guests these days .. it is low low season right now.

Food was ok, I had a steak, Ritsu had fish. The restaurant is actually on a floating pontoon and was a very nice setting. I guess we were still too full from lunch to fully appreciate the food.

When we returned, guess who was on our veranda asking with big eyes "hey, more food?" ... so, we played some more with her, but at some point we just made it clear that feeding is over and that we do other things now .. and she tried more begging tricks, but gave up after 15 minutes .. and unless she is hiding somewhere in the house, she is outside again ... wonder what time (if) she shows up tomorrow ..

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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Hmmpf ... this was supposed to be posted last night, but I could not get online ... grrrr

For some night snow I have seen a stray cat around the house .. but it has always been very shy ... but yesterday .. after it started raining while we did house cleaning, I saw the cat again .. and i tried to feed it some fish .. but it must have though the fish were evil projectiles .. it ran away .. but later I saw it come back .. eating stuff ... and i used that to get aquatinted to her (I think it is a 'she', i have yet to see it's rama-lama-ding-dong to determine it is a he) ... I got her close enough to put her paws on my leg and to give me a good punch with those claws ..

and funnily enough .. one day later I saw her resting on the opposite side of the house .. of course running away as soon as she saw me .. but the fish trick worked again .. and the biggest compliment I got was her scratching her face on my knees .. very cute .. but very wild .. not used to humans at all .. very scared . well .. lets see how it goes :)

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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Wednesdays is cleaning day! Hooray! ... that usually means that I get started about 2 hours before Marama (the cleaning lady) comes: Getting the bedding and other stuff (futons, armchairs) out in the air, start laundry and such. Since I need to stay home anyway, I get around to do useful things like washing the car :)

The good weather seems to have passed, it is a bit more humid today and the sun is hiding now behind clouds (was nice and sunny though when I took the above pics).

Last night's dinner was some chicken in a Honey&Ginger sauce, but I was not too impressed ... I ended up adding quite some hot sauce to make it a bit more interesting.

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Monday, February 03, 2003

Seems that we have some lucky weather going on (and not much else to actually talk about): Yesterday: Monday, humidity was at 57% .. but then again, it was baking hot. I spent quite some time at the office and later I got back into editing some video stuff at home. For lunch I pigged out a bit at McDonalds: They have that new spicy chicken burger which is actually quite nice, like the Zinger at KFC, only not as greasy.

The online connection was mega crap, I needed to download a little something, but I had to reconnect 18 (!) times, since I got kicked off either after 8 or 3 minutes !!! So, full of frustration I decided to make a mini texas red chili. Texas Red means that it does not contain tomato or beans .. really just meat and spices (hey, I count onion as a spice) and of course chilis !!!

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Sunday, February 02, 2003

Ok .. while I keep bitching about the weather all the time .. I have to admit that TODAY was a fantastic day .. very nice temperature and ONLY 62% humidity ... that is probably the lowest I have ever seen / felt here.

Sunday was nice, did a lot around the house, some shopping some cooking. Later Wayne and Vikash came over and we chatted a bit ... nice quiet Sunday.

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