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Saturday, January 04, 2003

It is 3:30 AM ... the roosters are crowing, the stray dogs are howling (and now at 4:40 AM, someone is playing the bongos !!! ... i heard that last night too and really hoped that this was part of some vooodoo ritual which would include the sacrifiction of that damn rooster) .. and it seems this is the only time of the day (at least during the weekend) that I can go online ...

Today (Saturday) was another busy 'unpacking' day ... and we actually managed to make the living room area look nice, while the kitchen is also 'usable' already ... but the othe rooms are different messes in different degrees ... worst is that I cannot find the collection of screws needed to re-assamble our futon ... thus we sleep with the futon matress on the floor right now ... still very cozy ..

While Ritsu and Utako (after breakfast) were exploring some hiking trail close to Suva (and were taking great pictures which I may include a bit later), my biggest achievment was to setup the sound system, so we can now watch our movies not only on a nice 29" widescreen, but can also listen to its soundscape coming from all directions thanks to 5 speakers (and one extra speaker just for the bass) ... i had that setup already in New York .. but playing it in a house, where you do not have to care about neighbors ... great !!!

For dinner I made some fried potatoes and then a salad featuring some chicken ... now having back all my kitchen utensils, making food is even more fun !!! We then watched Memento but I got so tired that I just went to bed ... but it is still a very great movie .. I will watch the end again some other time

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Thursday, January 02, 2003

Believe it or not, but our moving stuff was finally delivered.... after "only" 3.5 months ... (and they said initially it would only take 5 weeks) ... i can not emphasize enough to everyone .. to NEVER EVER employ the "services" of Uniworld Cargo in New Jersey ... they are the biggest collection of unprofessional individuals I have ever encountered ...

anyways .. I am pretty tired from unpacking, Ritsu had to work, but her friend Utako was helping us ...

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The online connection here is getting worse ... since 1/1 i get kicked of after just 8 minutes ... and since today that has come down to 2 minutes ... I can barely check my email ...

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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

I just don't believe that crappy, frustrating online connection here ... I just typed a long paragraph .. then when I was about to upload, the connection went bye bye ... and it turns out the paragraph just vanished .. thank you very much ... if Fiji really wants to secure those tourism dollars, they have to work on 2 things .. online connection and the liquor law (e.g. there are weird times that liquor can be sold ... which creates a black market .. but then again, there is no real age limit for buying booze ... and the same old law forbids women to enter a bar !!!) ... think that is how it has to be in little island countries ??? no way .. Samoa and Tonga are far ahead of that ...

anyways .. first day of the year ... I spent most time preparing dinner .. which means schnippling stuff while watching documentaries on TV .. and the girls went to see "The Two Towers" which left them a bit puzzled ... I admit that Eomer and Faramir are somewhat similar and can be confusing in that movie ..

(ok .. i just got thrown offline for the 3rd time after just 5 minutes ... yippieh) ..

So, anyway .. I made pizza .. my first in Fiji .. one half with ham and fresh pinapple .. the other with olives, veggies, salami and goat cheese ... I invited Wayne over .. and though he lives only 500 m away, he took the car ...

and after dinner, when leaving, he pulled back into the neighbor's house drain ... and we tried to get the car out again without calling a tow truck ..

We tried several techniques .. but Ritsu's "back to the basics" approach finally was the solution .. we just pushed .. and the car came free ...

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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Oh .. and a very happy new year to everyone .. may we have a very peacefull year ... even if it is doubtfull .. but there is always hope ...

We went to Ashiyana for some nice indian dinner ... then we checked out the "street party" which was kinda weird .. and made me very nervous seems most of the people looked like there is a reason they go to a free party .. and it looked like pick-pocketeers paradise ... since it was very boring and the "oh so great" laser displays left the audience just ho-hum, we decided to go to Bad Dog Cafe ... one of the few places that was not overly crowded ... We had some drinks and then Utako discovered that someone got into her backpack and stole her wallet .. yippieh .. so we spent some time at the police head quarters ... everybody was really nice ...

We returned to bad dog for some final drinks and a big "akemashite omedeto" (Happy New Year) around midnight, and then we took a cab home ...

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I found a possible reason for my recent upload problems ... although I am paying money for 50 MB of space .. another silly limit seems to be 300 files ... well .. and having 44 pictures .. its 44 pics, 44 html pages and 44 thumbnails .. so .. the below thumbnails are going nowhere right now ... until i find a better place to park the pictures ..

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Monday, December 30, 2002

Last night we had Dinner at our old hotel, the Suva Motor Inn ... mainly to show Utako the place that was home to us for 6 weeks and to have her try some kava. I had a pepper steak, while Utako had some chicken dish and Ritsu had her favorite braised chicken.

We the continued watching the extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring, since the girls were really interested in watching The Two Towers, but I think without having seen the first movie, one is completely lost ... I actually fell asleep during the movie.

And as promised ... many many pictures of last weekend's dinner: (links not working yet)



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Sunday, December 29, 2002

Yesterday (Sunday) we packed our stuff, had breakfast with my dad, then left Tambua Sands to meet Ritsu's family at Outrigger .. and then we returned to Suva, where I finally could go online again. I am still behind things, but too much stuff going on these days ... and the few instances I have time to go online, I get an annoying "authentication failed" error and can't do shit ...

Today I finally went to see "The Two Towers" and It was pretty great ... I think I may be still digesting it ... some things i found great .. Gollum, the battle ... but the whole Ents thing looked silly to me .. and this diversion from the book in the end, bringing Frodo and Sam to that city was a bit weird .. though it kicked "Reign of Fire" 's ass in the CGI dragon department. I need to reflect some more and then summarize my thoughts ..

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