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Friday, December 20, 2002

Friday night I hung out with the guys. First we played some network games (mainly "Rubicon") after work ... then we moved over to O'Reileys, where I have not been yet, to play some pool. Some people there were doing their xmas thing and one lady was very very drunk and at one point she started to pour the content of a liter bottle of Fiji Water over various people ... she got very close to me too, which would have been great for my camera and my cellphone....

We then went to Traps ... it was a bit empty, but around 9 it started filling up. By that time though I could not take the smokey air anymore and took a cab back home.

Yes, I needed to do some photoshopping on the above pic to get all of us in there :)

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Thursday, December 19, 2002

It seems the evil rooster from hell is back !!!! Where is my big cane-knife ???

Anyways .. some more fun stuff from yesterday (Thursday) ... when I went to the office in the morning, I saw this body laying in one of the parking spots in front of the building ...

I initially thought he was dead, but I have been informed that this is a somewhat common sight around the holiday season .... a result from office parties turning to binge drinking ... people just get so hammered that they cannot even walk home anymore ...

Later we all had lunch togther at "Lantern Palace" and it was quite fun, as we kept making fun of James and Wayne (the guys in the background) .. food was good !!!

click on it to get it larger

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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Ok .. i got a funny picture to share ... this was sent by someone who found this very weird frozen food in a supermarket in New Zealand .... makes you really wonder ...

Fijian Taxi Driver Chicken Curry ... I am at a loss of words ... first of all, now cab driver here would pay 12.59 $ for chicken curry (NZ$ and FJ$ are pretty much the same value) .. then .. i doubt any of them can cook .... or does it mean all drivers here are chicken ??? or there is taxi driver meat in it ??? I wish one day to talk to the person who had that great idea for that dish (and its name) and can ask WHY oh WHY ??

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Again a beauitful, sunny (albeit pretty hot) day. I am feeling pretty shity today. One of my mosquito bites got infected and I had to go and see a doctor ... and by now it hurts quite some. Well .. at least it is nothing severe (Malaria does luckily not show up here) and I am now taking antibiotics and the doctor said it will be gone in 2-3 days. (Glad that he did not have to amputate, as they often had to in old movies ... and that I did not contract lymphatic filariasis .. check out the leg of the guy on the front page.

Right now it is just painfull and I do not feel like posting any pictures (i took a pic of the infected area ... but I doubt anyone would want to see that) ... but I made a short videoclip of our morning car ride to work ...

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Weather today: (wednesday) .. it was actually quite sunny with huge puffy white clouds in the sky, humidity was pretty much ok .. ... but in the afternoon it got more clouded and now (9 PM) it is raining cats, dogs and little rhinos again .. and there is actually some thunder and lightning going on .. way cool

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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

DING DONG THE ROOSTER IS DEAD !!! or is he really ???

I actually called the police post a few days ago to ask them if they can do something about the nightly rooster ordeal ... and this very morning we woke up and noticed that we have not heard anything !!! Yippieh !!! ... but then again, we heard that beast crow at around 7:30 AM .. so .. it seems to be still alive ... let's see if they finally taught him manners .... or how to tell time ...

Last night we celebrated our half year anniversary at Aberdeen Grill ... we both had some very nice aged tenderloin, which was very very tasty.

General thoughts of the day: Will we ever find out who killed Chandra Levy or who sent out those antrax letters over a year ago ? The US media is so willing to forget things ... And now that Al Gore is not running again, does that mean we get 4 more years of Bush ? Or will Hillary be the first female US president (that'll be pretty cool)

Sorry that there have not been any pics lately ... the online connection is pretty bad these days .. I am getting cut off all the time or cannot even connect ... but I will add some pics for those of you who don't like reading all this very soon.

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Monday, December 16, 2002

Woohoo ... we are married now for half a year already !!! Wow ... Big thanks to my sweet wife for keeping up with such a weird guy like me :)

On the weather news .. humidity is rising .. it is getting ugly ... good that it is not super hot (yet) ... it is raining cats and poodles

On the "what else can totally piss me off" news ... our shipment, which was due to arrive today in Fiji ... will instead arrive tomorrow ... in Auckland, NZ .. how fucked up is that ??? So ... from the initial 5 week projection, we arrived at 3 months .. and now it will be even 3 and a half months, living out of suitcases .. not having real kitchen stuff ... Am i glad I have that iBook which also is our DVD player and our music entertainment ...

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Today it must be 256% humidity ... the kind that people warned us off ... the kind that makes your clothing rott, your glasses fog (when leaving air conditioned space) and your tiled floors feel wet ... really icky !!!

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